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Repair Service

Swift Plumbing and Heating Inc.offers repair or replacement of Faucets, Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, GarbageDisposers, Water Softeners, Water Heaters, Valves, Gas Lines, Boilers, and Piping.

Have a leak? Call now- it will not get any better.

Slow drains or not draining at all? We can help with our powerful  drain cleaning machines. We also can video problem drain lines and offer an instant diagnosis for repairs.

Running out of hot water? Or hot water not getting there quick enough? Call to schedule a service technician who can offer solutions.

Low or no water pressure? We can update your plumbing system to gain the most water pressure and volume from your well or city water supply.

High water bill? Many leaks are hard to detect and can cost as much as $5.00 per day. Our service technicians know where to look and how to repair these leaks.

Need a new faucet, sink, or toilet? We offer sales, service and installation of many products, with hundreds of choices on faucet, fixtures, and finishes. Call with a model number of whatever you select and we will order it and bring it with us to replace your existing fixture.

Need your summer home winterized? We can winterize your home and open back up for you in the summer.